About the Founder

The founding counsellor of Transforming Life Christian Counselling Inc is Dr. Rev. James Robinson (Ph.D., MDiv. LCCC, MFT, LPC, DVCC, BCPCC).

Currently practicing privately specific passion and conviction for the Christian community, he utilizes Christian resources to address a wide spectrum of disorders and challenges of daily life. He believes that mankind can be changed through the transformation of the Metamorphosis Experience and by the renewing of the mind.


  • Member with the American Association of Christian Therapists (AACT)
  • Certified member with the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counsellor (BCPPC)
  • Designation of Board-Certified Professional Christian Counsellor.

His areas of Licensed specialties include:

  • Clinical Christian Counsellors
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Domestic Violence
  • Pastoral Life Coach

Our Vision

Transforming Life Christian Counselling will provide a safe environment in which each person, with God’s help, will get a chance to process past experiences, search solutions for present challenges, and obtain strength to induce positive choices for the future with the end result of personal wholeness and fulfilling relationships.

Our Mission

Ultimately, we believe that the goal of life is to glorify and know God through a faithful relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. This purpose is practiced first, through our own families then extended, in love, to an increasingly broken world that desperately needs Him to equip children, parents, and spouses to thrive in an ever-changing, ever-more-complicated world. Our mission, then, is to guide couples, individuals, and families into cultivating the kinds of relationships and lives that God intended us to have, that is satisfying, are filled with hope, promote intimacy, allow for healing and strive for the purpose.

Our Values

  • Faith is integral to successful treatment and healthy functioning of the client.
  • We encourage dialogue about issues of faith where appropriate with clients.
  • Imposing values or faith on a client can be detrimental to their well-being, and all direct statements regarding faith or theology should be carefully weighed for their therapeutic value.
  • We embrace diversity and seek to support differences in our clients.
  • We value cultural sensitivity, especially about religion, race, and sexual orientation.
  • We view our clients from a systemic standpoint with a particular emphasis on the significance of relationships.
  • We believe a bio-psycho-social-spiritual understanding of our clients is necessary to provide successful treatment.

What Makes Us Unique


identifying a profound need for something more than conventional psychological counselling, Transforming Life Christian Counselling promotes hope by providing a regimen of traditional therapy invigorated with scripturally- based counselling.


We offer more than a typical religious counselling center or a psychological clinic. We endeavour to encourage and assist and people in healing the suffering inner-self with proven psychological tools of assessment and treatment to cultivate the starving spirit.


Our two-fold mission is prevention and treatment. Guidance is provided through educational services and counselling. We are experienced, trained, licensed professionals who integrate faith in God and the knowledge of His Word with sound counselling techniques and psychological theories.